Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Raise Fishing Worms

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Vermiculture is a good way for kids to make a little spending money. It takes about six months to grow worms to fishing size.


    1 Purchase about 100 Red Wigglers worms for breeder stock. These are top feeders and won't burrow in the soil like garden worms.
    2 Find a watertight container - an old bathtub, a metal drum cut in half or a plastic storage container.
    3 Fill the watertight container with soil (4 to 8 inches deep), depending on the container's size.
    4 Mix in an inch or so of organic matter, such as leaves or rotten straw.
    5 Mix 1 lb. cornmeal and 1/2 lb. vegetable shortening into the top 2 to 3 inches of soil.
    6 Add worms.
    7 Cover the tub with damp burlap or board planks.
    8 Add another dose of the cornmeal/shortening mixture in one month and then every two weeks. Add about 1 qt. of water while feeding.
    9 Keep the worm bed cool and moist in the summer; it's best to place it in the shade.

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